How To Grow Your Email List Using Social Media

How To Grow Your Email List Using Social Media

The 1st thing is why people subscribe to your newsletter ? If you write something new & unique that people find it by your side only then they will stay connected to you otherwise they will unsubscribe your email subscription or newsletter. Your content plays a major role here so, it should fresh and unique.

Promotional Emails :

While you do not want every email you send to be promotional in nature, you do want to promote as that’s how you’re going to earn money. Use the other emails as a way to build up to a promotional email.

Share Your Emails :

You can encourage your current subscribers to share or forward your emails by including social media buttons and email to a friend button in your emails. If some of your subscriber share or forward your email to their friends or family then you have chances to get new subscribers.

Promote Offers on LinkedIn :

Promote your subscription link on a different company page and discussion groups. You should share your links on different LinkedIn groups. So, if they like your products or services then maybe they contact you or they share their email to you. You should start playing around LinkedIn.

Promote a lead gen offer on Twitter :

Create a Twitter campaign to promote an ebook or free resource to your followers that requires using an email address to redeem.

The Right Tools for Your Contest :

There are many tools that you can use for contests. Each social platform has its own approved contest software. If you want to run a contest on Instagram and Facebook, check out ShortStack.

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