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SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your landing page or website for Google’s search engine. Google search engine uses an algorithm to look for a couple of different things in order to list a website in the results when a person types in a specific set of keywords. Keywords are what internet user’s type in to Google’s search engine when they are looking for a product or service

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It is advisable that you research and understand the differences between types of SEO to create a successful SEO marketing campaign.

  • White Hat SEO  : techniques allowed by the Search Engines.
  • Black Hat SEO  : techniques not approved by the Search Engines.

Every market is different. Every keyword is different. Every website is different. And Google ranks websites for different keywords in different ways. That’s why we start with an SEO Audit.

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Off-Page SEO

Off page SEO involves aspects on other websites on the internet that can be optimized to improve the ranking of your website on leading search engines. It's important to understand the difference between on page and off page SEO.

Technical Seo

Rankings can improve with optimizations on your website’s back-end, such as improving page speed.SEO practices that can facilitate you in enhancing your website rankings in SERP and put your business at the top of the crowd.

Link Building

The ranking of your website depends upon link building, not on the quantity of links but the quality of links. Adding external links to your site can increase the quality of your site and make it rank higher.

On-Page SEO

On page optimization needs constant revision of the site in order to improve and maintain the ranking. In this technique, the role of keywords or key phrases that the user might type has a prominent position. It includes headings, page titles, domain names and images.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Adding keywords to your site is important but keyword stuffing can make your site unreadable.Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing search terms that people enter into search engines with the goal of using that data for a specific purpose, often for SEO or general marketing .

Local SEO

Grow your local business with help of Local SEO strategies. Attract more customers, and convert them into your clients.Local SEO has made a huge impact on online businesses. It helps the businesses promote their products and services to targeted customers.


SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. People use search engines to find information on the Internet. The typical search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Businesses have begun to use SEO to market themselves through the web.

Local Search is a facet of search engine optimisation (SEO), which specifically targets your geographic locality. Of course, as with all optimisation techniques, there is a little more to it than that.

SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization – quite a mouthful of a phrase (and hence the popularity of the acronym). Let’s explore the term “Search Engine Optimization” in order to get a handle on what it means to you and your website.

Knowing the exact keywords that are ranked is a difficult task. To have an idea about what keywords do I Rank for, having a glance at the rankings of each keyword can help. Keeping track of the number of searches for each keyword per month can also provide you the answer. The difficulty level of a keyword’s rank on the first page can also tell what keywords are ranked high. Using Google Search Console and Google Analytics, you can easily find out what keywords do I Rank for. You can also enter your URL and find the organic keyword rankings.

Search engine Optimization and marketing has become the top most strategy for many online business. Impressive results have been exhibited by professional SEO. This has again increased the demand of SEO. There is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. There is a clear defined difference between them. Both are inevitable to achieve higher page ranks.

The goals, project scope and budget for search engine optimization and growing a web presence can vary significantly for different businesses. However, the need and importance for having an optimized web presence will only grow over time

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